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Celebrity director, actor, and producer Paul Wesley, well known for his role as Stefan on the TV series Vampire Diaries, has defended veganism to his 4.1 million Twitter followers. 

The star, who regularly posts about animal-rights on social media, addressed the current Amazon fires – which have been linked to cattle farming by a plethora of major news outlets

‘Our choices can change this’

“Ignorance is mocking vegetarianism/ veganism and then crying over a rain forest which is being burned to make room for more animal consumption,” Wesley said

Vegan charity PETA responded to the tweet, saying: “THANK YOU! Animal agriculture requires massive amounts of land, feed, energy, and water and causes living, feeling beings to endure immense suffering. Our choices can change this!”

‘A changed person’

Wesley, who also branded a video of pigs being sent to slaughter as ‘insanity’, told his eight million Instagram followers to watch vegan documentary Cowspiracy

“Do me and yourself a favor. Go on Netflix now and watch ‘Cowspiracy’. I promise if you do not walk away a changed person, I will personally apologize for wasting your time,” he wrote. 

More recently, the celeb liked a tweet from a follower who said: “Today I made a decision and I’m so proud of it. Thank you Paul Wesley. I’m a vegan now.” 

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