Reading Time: < 1 minute ?The animal rights campaigner is known to make such requirements (Photo: Facebook)
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Sir Paul McCartney has demanded that the crew at a Perth venue eats vegan food only at his upcoming concert on December 2.

The former Beatles legend – and animal rights activist – has reportedly said he won’t perform at Perth’s nib Stadium unless show organizers confirm no meat will be eaten backstage.

Not allowed

“All the crew members have to eat vegan food,” a crew member said.

“No one’s allowed to eat meat for three weeks on site.

“It has to be vegan food rider.”


It’s not the first time the 75-year-old veggie legend has asked for vegan food only.

Earlier this year, McCartney demanded 100 percent vegan fare be served at an Illinois gig.

He allegedly made a similar request in 2002 – requesting no furniture in his dressing room was to be ‘made of animals’.


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