Reading Time: < 1 minute Anderson spoke about fur and Julian Assange (see video below)
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Last week former Baywatch actor and passionate vegan celeb Pamela Anderson wrote to reality star Kim Kardashian asking her to ditch the fur.

Now she has admitted she has also spoken to First Lady Melania Trump about dressing ‘more compassionately’.


Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on UK breakfast tv show Good Morning Britain this morning, she said: “I think sometimes activism can be annoying.

“Kim has a great heart, but she’s an influencer with millions of followers, and she should chose not to wear fur. 

“But you shouldn’t be cruel to someone when you’re telling them not to cruel. I wrote her a letter, but I’ve had no response yet. 

“I’ve also talked to Melania (Trump) as well to dress more compassionately.”

Julian Assange

Anderson also spoke about rumored beau Julian Assange.

She claims she ‘has a romantic partner who isn’t Julian’, but that she ‘loves’ the Wikileaks founder, adding: “We got to know each other and he is a freedom fighter.

“I think he’s one of the most important people in the world.”

(Video clip shows Pamela Anderson talking about Julian Assange on Good Morning Britain)


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