Reading Time: < 1 minute Vegan activists in Germany march for animals (Photo: Tierrechtsaktivistenbündnis)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

More than 3,000 activists came together this week in Germany to commemorate World Vegan Day.

The ‘Hand in Hand’ action, on November 1 in Hamburger, saw the activists form a human chain around the inner Alster lake in the city center before marching through the city center.

Campaigners from the Tierrechtsaktivistenbündnis (Animal Rights Activists Alliance) which organized the event, told Plant Based News that this was the longest human chain for animal rights ever formed – and the biggest ever animal rights event in Hamburg and possibly Germany.

Vegan vision

“Our vision is a society that includes animals and their ethical considerations and grants them a right to freedom and integrity,” an Animal Rights Activists Alliance told PBN.

“This vision can only be brought to reality when we join forces, and even then the road is long and windy, and there are considerable forces working against that path.

“However, the animal rights movement is picking up speed, and we are helping to add even more momentum to it by bringing together many different animal rights organizations, foundations, and associations as well as activists from all over Germany to stand together and to share a powerful animal rights message.”

Vegan events

Speaking about the Hand in Hand action, the spokesperson added: “Large events for animal rights are important for two reasons: First, they unite activists from different organizations to stand and fight together for the higher and common goal of animal rights.

“Second, significant events will reach broader audiences and will receive the media attention this social justice issue so desperately needs and deserves.”

You can watch a video of the event here

Maria Chiorando

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