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Newport Nursery, which is part of the Tops Day Nurseries family, has announced it will offer staff members either vegan food for snacks and meetings in a bid to ‘protect’ the environment.

The nursery, located in the Isle of Wight, has also ditched cow’s milk in cups of tea and coffee – and now offers staff a choice of oat or rice milk.

‘Cruelty factor’

According to the Isle of Wight Observer, Managing Director of Tops Day Nurseries Cheryl Hadland said: “Anyone who wants to reduce their impact on the planet needs to reduce or cut their meat and dairy intake and eat a more plant-based diet.

“Add to this the cruelty factor of killing animals and tearing baby animals away from their mothers and you have the reasons why Tops Day Nurseries and Aspire Training Team buy only plant-based food for staff snacks and food for meetings.

“We want the children that we love and educate to have a chance at a healthy future and that means acting now, by adults, to protect them from climate change.”

‘Sugar-free menus’

Tops Day Nurseries currently have one fully meat-free day a week for children and guarantee all meals contain no added sugar.

“Our sugar-free menus have been designed to ensure our children have a fully balanced diet throughout the day, and most importantly have reduced their sugar intake with the meals and desserts we provide,” the company states.

“The menu includes a variety of exciting and original cooked meals and snacks such as mixed bean and vegetable stew, and potato and lentil cakes served with vegetable sticks.”

Liam Giliver

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