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TV program, Good Morning Britain, has debated whether or not non-vegan products should come with warning labels, in a similar way to how cigarettes are now sold.

Veganuary Ambassador, Chris Packham, who believes this change should happen, said: “I’m merely encouraging people to think about their diet… we know that eating too much meat is bad for us…and we know that ecologically speaking meat eating is extraordinarily expensive.”

‘People would think twice’

“There is no doubt we can’t continue to eat meat at the rate we’re doing so.”

Packham also explained how, whilst the UK has regulations on animal welfare conditions, Supermarkets stock meat from overseas, and there is no way to be certain where the meat people buy comes from.

He commented: “I think if we displayed that people would think twice about buying them.”

‘Labels like this make my blood boil’

Chef Richard Corrigan, who described milk as ‘the most nutritional product to give young children’ and said milk was a ‘huge part of evolution’ argued the labels would vilify farmers.

He said: “It’s not all farming, there is some great farming out there.

“Labels like this make my blood boil.”

Liam Giliver

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