Reading Time: 2 minutes ?Kristen Leo, James Aspey, and Earthling Ed are all set to appear at the festival (Photos: Facebook)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The first
ever No Planet B festival – which will bring together veganism, minimalism, and
zero-waste lifestyles – is set to take place in Cotswolds this summer.

co-founder Maudie Johnson told PBN: “We are super excited to launch a festival
with a new concept of combining our core themes.”

She added
that by focusing on said themes – veganism, minimalism, and zero-waste living
– the festival will be ‘celebrating and
accelerating attendee’ everyday choices in living sustainable lives’.

Yoga and

Aside from the content surrounding the three core themes, No Planet B
will also incorporate elements of yoga and wellness into the event.

told PBN: “They’re never going to want to leave! 

“It’s the perfect
blend of TED talk meets Yoga Retreat, meets Vegan Market, meets Music Festival.

“The vibe
will be relaxed, immersive and for some eye opening!”


A number of
environmental influencers will appear at the event, including Sustainable
Stephanie and Manuela Baron, who is also known as The Girl Gone Green.

advocates in attendance will include such famed activists as James Aspey, and Earthling Ed.

Online sensation and sustainable fashion educator Kristen Leo will also be an ambassador for the event.

Also featured will be the music of such performers as One Man Plan and Lekenah Eccles.

High hopes

festival’s founders, Maudie Johnson, Hannah Lobb, and Christopher Bush have
high hopes for the impact of No Planet B.

told PBN: “We want to inspire and accelerate people’s belief that their
everyday choices CAN make a BIG difference!”


Aside from
the intended impact on attendees, Johnson says the No Planet B team hopes to
change the festival industry itself.

She told
PBN: “We are also setting a precedent for
how festivals can and should be run with our zero waste impact.

“A shocking average of 23 thousand tonnes of waste is left over
per festival in the UK each year.”

bird tickets for the August 17 to 19 festival are not yet available online – but those who wish to attend can join the ticket waitlist now.

Emily Court

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