Reading Time: 2 minutes The series will amplify the voices of womxn activists (Photo: Supplied)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A new series aimed at empowering vegan womxn activists has been launched on Instagram Live.

Speaking to Plant Based News, series host Joanne Lee said the series aims to ‘amplify voices and share the work of women activists who make up the majority of the Animal Liberation Movement’.

Each guest on the series, which started last week, will bring a different perspective on life as a vegan, and activist and as a womxn.

Vegan activists

“There are so many brave and dedicated women doing amazing work for the cause, but they aren’t necessarily comfortable promoting the work that they do,” added Lee, a Melbourne-based Animal Liberation Activist.

“It’s important that we have a diverse range of role models to look up to. There are some outstanding things being done by vegan womxn that we don’t hear about.”

Vegan guests

The show’s first guest was Leah Doellinger – an activist who has helped countless people make the connection to animals through engaging Open Rescue. Not only has Leah liberated hundreds of lives, she inspires vegans to get active for animals.

This week Joanne will be speaking to Liz Jones (@ethicallyelizabeth), a biologist who spends her free time volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center, fostering kittens, protesting, outreaching, and attending vigils.

“With the guest spots already filled up to March next year, we can expect to hear from some inspirational people including Jo-Anne MacArthur – We Animals, Cat Balmain – business owner and head chef at the wonderfully successful Particle Cafe, Dr Ash – Vegan Neuropsyologist and author, Angelina Poli (Angelina for the Animals) – a 10 year old activist, Renee Pittams – founder of GIVS, a vegan food-empowerment project,” added Lee.

You can tune into the weekly series by following Joanne Lee (@whoisjoanne) on Instagram.

Joanne has also launched an Activist Empowerment Project where she offers free training to the vegan community. More information on this training can be found on her Instagram Page (@whoisjoanne) or her Facebook page

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