Why ‘National Treasure’ Joanna Lumley Loves The Plant Based Beyond Burger


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Lumley thinks plant meats should be appetizing in order to 'catch on' (Photo: Compassion In World Farming) - Media Credit:

British actor and model Joanna Lumley has tried the plant-based Beyond Burger – and is hopeful the product will prompt the masses to drop meat.

A vegetarian for 45 years, Lumley told Huffington Post UK she is confident that plant-based meat alternatives will ‘catch on’.

The 71-year old, who is a patron of animal welfare organization Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) sampled the innovative plant-based burger that ‘bleeds’ at a London conference about the impact of livestock production on the environment.

Farming lobby

The British ‘national treasure’ spoke to the media outlet about the animal agriculture lobby.

“The idea (of not eating meat) panics people,” she says.

“They wonder ‘how do you get your protein’, but the truth is that we’ve never been taught about it because the farming lobby is so strong and so powerful, it’s rather like the oil lobby, which manages to bury or stifle any new ideas which is not to do with oil.”

Lumley also believes meat should be more expensive in order to limit the amount that is being consumed.


The actress described indifference as the biggest obstacle in people leaving meat off their plate.

“Indifference is the worst killer. It isn’t the enemies who you can always have a debate with, it’s the people who simply couldn’t care less.”

She adds: “50 percent of people will do something good for the planet but 50 percent couldn’t give jack anything, they will continue to chuck stuff out of the window, buy 74 plastic bags a day and throw them away, they will not recycle stuff because they don’t care.”

Lumley also discussed the importance of plant meats.

“Once it’s in your head that it’s completely normal not to eat meat or fish, there’s no battle to be fought because the next generation will have expensive meat when they do eat it, they will eat much less of it, and they will be much, much healthier.”


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