Natalie Portman Debunks Most Annoying Vegan Myths


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But does she care about plant rights? (Photo: YouTube/Pop Sugar) - Media Credit:

Actor Natalie Portman has made a video debunking some of the most annoying vegan myths.

Portman, who produced and narrated newly released documentary Eating Animals, tackles some of the most commonly asked questions around the lifestyle, including plant rights, dating – and what vegans should do on a desert island.


One of the myths she addresses is that people have been eating meat since the beginning of time. “Well humans did a lot of things from the beginning of time that we don’t do anymore, like live in caves. I don’t want to live like a caveman.”

Another issue is dating – and whether vegans can date omnivores. “No,” she says. “My husband’s not vegan at all – he eats everything…and I date him every day.”

In a similar vein, she covers the question of whether vegans’ children and whole ‘have to be vegan’ too. “No,” she says again. “Everyone gets to decide for themselves because we’re all free individuals.”

The actor talks about vegan myths


One of the more contentious myths in the video is the idea that ‘vegans only eat that way so that they can tell others that they’re vegan’. Portman says: “I don’t really know what that means. I mean, I almost feel embarrassed about it because it feels like you’re being really picky or difficult. I think that most people change the way they eat – or have changed the way they eat – or are doing it because they actually care.”

Of course, the obvious question comes up: what would you do if you were stranded on a desert island somewhere and your only choice was to eat an animal? “Unlikely. Unlikely scenario,” she replies. “If I needed to, to save my life or to save someone else’s life, yeah I think that’s worth it, but that seems unlikely.”

And it wouldn’t be a vegan myth-busting session without the thorny issue of plant rights rearing its head. When asked whether she ‘feels sorry’ for plants, because they are living things which she consumes, the actor says: “I don’t think plants feel pain, as far as I know.”

Eating Animals is on limited release across the States now.

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