Reading Time: < 1 minute ?Thousands of pigs perished in the fire
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Nearly half a million people have signed a petition to suspend a pig farmer’s permit after 20,000 pigs were killed by a blaze on his factory farm in Holland.

According to animal welfare lobby group Wakker Dier, that is the largest number of pigs to perish in a single fire.

The petition on wants to see the farmer, Adriaan Straathof, suspended from keeping any kind of animals.


The petition, which is addressed to local, regional, national, and European regulators, says: “As citizens outraged by the incredible suffering of animals on farms owned by Adriaan Straathof, we urge you to take advantage of all possibilities offered by local, regional, national, and European laws to withdraw his farming permits, ensuring he is unable to farm or keep any livestock or other animals. 

“We also urge you to pass stricter fire and animal welfare regulation to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”


The petition’s writer claims the farms were ‘hell’ long before the fire, listing a number of infractions at the facility, including: ‘sick piglets beaten to death, extreme overcrowding, animals left suffering with broken bones and protruding organs’. 

Dutch press reported that Straathof had already been banned from keeping pigs in Germany because of poor conditions, and had also been fined for his practices in the Netherlands too.


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