Iconic?Musician Moby Celebrates 30 Years Of Veganism


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Moby has been vegan for three decades (Photo: Instagram) - Media Credit:

Iconic musician Moby has spoken out about his vegan journey as he hits the epic 30 year milestone.

The star took to Instagram to describe why he has followed the lifestyle for so long.

While he talked about issues like the environment and health, he described animal rights as his ‘life’s work’.

Taking to social media, Moby wrote: “November is my 30 year #vegananniversary… I became a vegetarian in 1984, and then a vegan on Thanksgiving, 1987. 

“I’m a vegan for the climate (45 pecent of #climatechange is a result of animal agriculture).

“For human health (50 percent of most cancers are attributable to eating animal products, as well as the role of eating animals in diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and antibiotic resistance).

“For our atmosphere (90 percent of rainforest deforestation and 50 percent of ocean acidification are the result of animal agriculture), and countless other reasons.

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For the animals

He added: “But ultimately I’m a vegan for the animals. 

“I love animals, but even if I didn’t I’d still believe to the core of my being that animals are neither ours to eat, wear, or experiment on. 

“Animals have their own lives, and their own rights, and advancing the cause of animal rights is my life’s work.” 


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