Miley Cyrus ‘Expected Backlash’ From Vegans After Eating Fish


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Miley Cyrus said she was expecting backlash from the vegan community after turning her back on the movement (Photo: Instagram) - Media Credit:

Miley Cyrus ‘expected some backlash from the vegan community’ after revealing she had gone to back eating animals, according to Newshub.

The celebrity revealed that she has ditched her plant-based diet during a recent episode of Joe Rogan‘s podcast, saying she had to eat fish as her ‘brain wasn’t functioning properly’.

In an interview with the Edge morning show earlier this week, Cyrus discussed ditching veganism, with Newshub saying ‘she was expecting some backlash from the vegan community’.

‘Really judgey’

“When I was vegan I was really worried about other people’s diets and really judgey… it’s a little over the top to be so invested in other people’s diets,” she said.

“If I was feeling at my best… and could learn how to live at a 110 percent living a vegan lifestyle I would have done… I just didn’t get there.”

‘Trial and error’

The singer also said she thinks life is ‘about trial and error and finding out what works for you’.

“I’m someone that when I feel like something is working for me I want to share it because it feels right… but then you end up holding yourself to a standard that again people just attach to,” she said.

“It’s not about saying forever – I’m not saying that I would stay ‘un-vegan’ or not – I think when you become the face of something it’s a lot of pressure.”

Brain claims debunked

When speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast, Cyrus claimed she was feeling sharper after eating fish, and that it had improved her brain function. But this notion has been debunked by multiple health professions.

According to scientist Dr. Justine Butler, a researcher for animal protection agency Viva!: “The idea that fish oils boost brainpower is based on anecdotal stories rather than scientific evidence.

“Fish oils were promoted aggressively in the 1990s following the Durham-Oxford Study that found the performance of children with ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia was helped a bit by supplementing their diets with essential fats (fish oils).

“Most children in the UK eat such poor diets that nutritional deficiencies are inevitable. Correcting these will, in many cases, improve performance but this is not the same as saying that fish oil will turn kids into geniuses – which is how the media interpreted the findings and the idea has stuck. When the trial was rolled out to 2,000 children, fish oils had no effect – exam results did not improve.”

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