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Magician Mat
Franco – who won America’s Got Talent in 2014 and is set to perform his 1000th
show in July – is also a vegan and animal activist.


Franco has
partnered with Petco, The Animal Foundation, and the NSPCA to raise funds and
create awareness for animal related causes, efforts bolstered by his
professional success.

He told
PBN: “We’ve had a couple of great pet supply drives, and I even got to win some
cash to support the NSPCA on the celebrity edition of Who Wants to Be a

“I’m not
particularly good at trivia, so I didn’t win them a million bucks, but the
$20,000 that I did win for them still goes a long way!”

Going vegan

Franco said
that going vegan was a gradual process for him, and that he was inspired by
other plant-based people, and a series of documentaries, to finally take the

He added: “After
a couple years of effort, I finally got to where I wanted to be in terms of
managing my eating habits to live the healthy lifestyle that I was chasing.”

Got Talent win

Franco was not vegan at the time of his 2014 win, his success has allowed him
to make significant contributions to animal welfare efforts.

He told
PBN: “The life-changing event has taught me that anything is possible, and that
when your goals are achieved, it’s time to find more goals!”

Emily Court

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