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Online meat eaters have been angered by an Instagram post questioning the morality of eating animals.

An Instagram post by vegan Bristol food van vegan The Spotless Leopard asked ‘what sick f*** would eat lamb?’.

The post – which appears to now be missing, along with the business’ social media accounts – was made in a ‘moment of anger’ according to The Spotless Leopard Founder Louise Abel.


She told local press: “I made a post on social media on Easter Sunday, a day when many people follow tradition and eat lambs, in anger about the injustice and pain that these lambs and other animals suffer. Admittedly the language used was emotive.

“Actions speak louder than words; I started The Spotless Leopard because I am vehemently against animal cruelty of all kinds and try to be consistent with that in my actions and the actions of my business.

“A moment of anger is a very small crime compared to the mass abuse animals suffer every day in this country and across the world.”


A number of online commentators were offended by the post claiming that eating animals is cruel.

One wrote: “This place had been strongly recommended to me and I really liked it, but apparently I’m a ‘sick f***’ for eating lamb so I won’t be going back.”

Another added: “You’re not going to persuade anyone to stop eating animals by calling them a sick f***.”

But one social media user said: “Maybe it was emotive language, but when you see the unbelievable suffering animals go through just so people can eat them, it’s understandable that someone would make a post like this.”

Maria Chiorando

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