Online Film Slams McDonald's For 'Ghosting' Its Animal Welfare Responsibilities

Online Film Slams McDonald’s For ‘Ghosting’ Its Animal Welfare Responsibilities


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The 'good-guy image' (Photo: YouTube / The Humane League) - Media Credit:
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An online film, entitled McDonald’s: The Party’s Over, has slammed the fast-food giant for ‘ghosting’ its animal welfare responsibilities.

Created by the non-profit organization, The Humane League, the video aims to pressure McDonald’s into signing the Better Chicken Commitment – which sets out clear requirements for animals being raised for meat such as banning the use of cages and multi-tier systems.

‘It’s torture’

The video’s storyline, set in the morning after what seems to be a house party, begins with several voice messages being read out.

“You’re more concerned with your look than what actually matters…,” one person states.

“Listen, what you’re doing is actually torture, it’s torture, okay?” another person asks.

The Humane League’s website states: “McDonald’s invests huge sums of money into advertising to promote their ‘good-guy’ image. They want us all to believe they are a reliable, responsible company that does the right thing. But it’s a charade.

‘Animals are suffering in unimaginable ways’

“Behind closed doors, animals are suffering in unimaginable ways for McDonald’s menu items. Chickens are bred to grow so large, so fast, they can hardly walk.

“They spend their short, miserable lives in crowded, filthy sheds. Despite thousands of consumers voicing their concerns about this animal cruelty, McDonald’s executives have refused to listen.

“It’s time they stop ghosting their chicken welfare responsibilities.”

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