Reading Time: < 1 minute Neville turned vegetarian in 2014 (Photo: BBC)
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Former Manchester United football player, Phil Neville, has announced he has been vegan for three days.

The football coach turned vegetarian back in 2014 after he promised his wife he would cut meat out of his diet for two weeks, but stuck with the lifestyle after he started to feel ‘healthier’ and ‘leaner’.

‘I was really ignorant’

He told the Manchester Evening News: “I always used to think as a footballer, as a sportsman, that it was so important for me to eat meat, to have that in my diet.

“I thought if I became a vegetarian that would take away a lot of the nutrients that I would require to be a professional footballer and an athlete. I was really ignorant.”

Neville has now cut all animal products out of his diet. He posted a photo of the Marks and Spencer’s vegan coleslaw from the Plant Kitchen range with the caption: “Third day as a vegan.”

‘2.5 million animals a day are being slaughtered’

In a past interview, Neville said: “2.5 million animals a day are being slaughtered. That is a damning statistic that we need to do something about.

“If everyone can even just do one day of not eating meat, then that will mean that we live in a better world.”

Liam Giliver

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