Major Animal Charity Comes To UK – With Huge Plans To Disrupt Animal Agriculture


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The Humane League launched officially in the UK this week, with an event in London.

Around 100 people from the world of veganism and animal rights attended the celebration at Karamel in Wood Green on Tuesday.


Talking to the crowd about the charity’s UK presence, President David Coman-Hidy said: “We have a huge team – relatively speaking – and a crew of volunteers making our UK campaigns happen.

“60 billion individuals a year are raised and killed in brutal conditions. 

“That’s what drives us at the Humane League – reducing that suffering.”


According to Coman-Hidy, the group’s strategy is divided into three main strands: empowering change, driving progress, and building a movement.

He said: “We need an army of people and we need activists, on the streets, behind their laptops or writing in their cheque books.

“This network of people is what drives the change.”


The organization has already seen huge success with its US flagship welfare campaign, fighting ‘against a system that keeps chickens in tiny cages, unable to spread their wings’.

“It started with smaller targets, and now almost every fast food chain and supermarket has committed to moving away from using caged eggs,” said Hidy-Coman.

He quoted Chad Gregory, United Egg Producers President, saying: “The Humane League has been harassing and bombarding every retailer, every food manufacturer, every food company with a very aggressive cage-free campaign.”

Coman-Hidy wants to see this success replicated – and improved upon. 

Talking about the number of animals whose lives could be improved through effective campaigning, he said: “These numbers represent individuals. They are like us; they feel pain and suffer like we do.

“They can’t fight for themselves, they rely on people like us in this room, and the small number of people like us in the world to make change happen.”


Also speaking at the event was UK Head of Campaigns Pru Elliott, who invited the audience to get involved in the next big project.

“I can’t tell you who we’re targeting yet,” she said.

“But they are powerful, influential, and connected in the highest of places. 

“They make decisions about one of the most vulnerable animals I can think of, controlling the lives of around 4.3 millions hens in cages.

“Our campaign will change the way this company makes decisions. 

“We intend to hit this company as hard as we can, right from the get go.”

You can find out more aboutThe Humane League UK here


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