Reading Time: < 1 minute Joe Rogan's most recent podcast featured Oscar-winning director Louis Psihoyos 
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Film director Louie Psihoyos – who recently helmed The Game Changers – appeared on Joe Rogan’s most recent podcast.

Psihoyos, whose film The Cove won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature in 2010, spoke to comedian Rogan about various animal and environmental issues during the episode.

‘I’m part of that’

Discussing why he stopped eating meat in the 1980s, Psihoyos revealed he was doing a story for Fortune magazine about the biggest independently-owned cattle ranches in America.

“There was one that was that was so big in Oklahoma they had their own slaughterhouse,” he said. “They kill this animal with a captive bolt to the brain. It’s supposed to happen instantly, but there was this one animal that came around, and it was still alive.

“At that point, it was hanging upside down, and its hide was stripped off and its looking at me with its eye and it’s following me, and as it’s turning around, it’s still looking at me. I thought ‘this son of a b*tch is alive, and I’m part of this’, so I stopped eating meat shortly after that.”

The director revealed he was pescatarian for some time after that, eventually ditching fish when he was concerned about mercury levels. 

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