Reading Time: < 1 minute Greenbay is London's first 100% Vegan Supermarket.
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Earlier this month Greenbay, London’s very first vegan supermarket opened its doors to their online customers.

The vegan supermarket is located in West Kensington and sits adjacent to two awesome vegan restaurants and a fully vegan pizza shop. GreenBay stocks more than 1000 vegan items (with new products added every week) including meats, cheeses, alcoholic beverages, ice cream, and cruelty-free household items

The market stocks many British brands and vegan imports from other countries including Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Egg, Tofurky’s line of plant-based meats, and Swedish company Oatly’s oat-based milk. All purchases that total more than £55 qualify for free nationwide delivery, with worldwide delivery also available. 

Last month, the world’s largest vegan retail store—The Cruelty Free Shop—opened in Australia and offers more than 3,500 vegan products. GreenBay plans to open more branches across London in the coming years.

The store was designed and built by Plant Based News’ Robbie Lockie, social campaigner and digital designer who is the co-founder of Robbie commented “Greenbay is a passionate, innovative and dynamic team of vegans who’s aim is to make life a little bit easier for people interested in switching over to a more compassionate way of living and eating. This online supermarket is the first step in what is set to become a huge shirt in perceptions around the consumption of animal products.”

If you are based in the UK you can buy vegan products online today at Greenbay, who deliver nationwide!

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