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Last week on the 5th November, Vevolution festival took place in at the Oval Space in Hackney, East London attracting 500 visitors from across Europe. The main space saw speakers deliver talks in-front of up to 400 people and is thought to be the biggest vegan conference style event ever to take place in Europe.Vevolution has been founded by vegan social entrepreneurs Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel focused on delivering short inspiring educational talks to attendees. 

Speakers shared their personal struggles and triumphs focusing on issues of importance in their lives. Speakers discussed wide ranging issues from food, mental health, intersectionality, fitness and activism.

In the coming weeks Vevolution will be releasing videos of the main stage talks. 

These videos will be free to access on YouTube and will form the first content of a video platform currently in development sharing educational talks from Vevolution events. On this Damien said “We want everybody to be able to benefit from the wisdom shared at Vevolution. This is why we are reinvesting in video content to start the process of building a library of inspiring talks for people to access”. 

Vevolution festival 2016 headline sponsor was Tideford Organics and other sponsors included Oatly, One Planet Pizza, Bute Island Foods, Planet-Kind, Sgaia, Viva!, Animal Aid and Bühler and Co.Vevolution founders Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel said: “We are delighted that Vevolution is thought to be the biggest vegan conference style event ever in Europe. Vevolution 2016 was a celebration of everything that is wonderful in the vegan community. The feedback from attendees has been great and already having exciting discussions about expanding the festival in 2017.”

“We are very much focused on creating a new kind of learning experience for people interested in veganism and conscious living. The conversation about how we create a better world is needed more now than ever before. We’re excited about the small part Vevolution can play in spreading a message of veganism as a inclusive, compassionate and understanding social justice movement.”


Vevolution Founders Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel are available for interviews. To arrange this or if you have further questions please contact.

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