Reading Time: 2 minutes The footage shows animal suffering (Photo: PETA)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Video footage from a chicken farm in the UK shows live animals living among corpses – leading to complaints from animal activists.

The footage – obtained by animal rights charity PETA – shows a broiler chicken farm operated by Faccenda Foods, the second-largest chicken-processing company in the UK. According to PETA, Faccenda Foods sells meat to national chains such as ASDA, Lidl UK, and Nando’s.

The charity is now urging the Advertising Standards Authority [ASA] to investigate the company, claiming it has made ‘inaccurate claims about animal welfare on its website’.

‘Rotting corpses’

According to a PETA spokesperson: “The footage, taken by an eyewitness on a farm in Buckinghamshire, shows live chickens packed in among the rotting corpses of their flockmates.

“Many have lost feathers, likely because of stress, inadequate nutrition, or injuries inflicted by other birds.

“The chickens have been bred to grow so large so quickly that their legs often become crippled, leaving them in agonising pain and unable to walk, eat, drink, or even stand.”

PETA Director, Elisa Allen, added: “Faccenda Foods is trying to hoodwink compassionate consumers with its glib, baseless nods to animal welfare. The only truly humane meal is a vegan one, and PETA is calling on authorities to hold this company accountable for duping people into thinking otherwise.”

Video footage shows extremely grim conditions at the facility (Video: PETA)


A spokesperson for Faccenda told local media that the footage was taken a year ago – and changes have been implemented since.

They added: “All of our farms operate to standards above EU and UK legislation. They are independently audited and visited on a regular basis by an external vet to monitor bird health and welfare.

“This footage is 12 months old and a number of changes have already taken place on that farm.

“We place high expectations on our people when it comes to looking after the birds in their care. “If they fail to meet our standards then they will not manage one of our farms.”

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