Reading Time: 2 minutes Lewis Hamilton has been following a plant-based diet since 2017 (Photo: Lewis Hamilton)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vegan Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton has shared graphic footage of the leather industry with his almost 13 million Instagram followers.

Posting the video created by vegan charity PETA, Hamilton urged his fans to never buy leather.

‘So Barbaric’

“I woke up feeling good today, but this has just broke my spirit. This is so graphic, so barbaric. PETA how can I help stop this?” he wrote alongside the video.

“She’s wincing from the pain of being smashed with a sledgehammer She was still moving when they stabbed her. 

“Her skin is now out there somewhere, likely turned into a belt or jacket. Her life was worth more than a piece of clothing—please, never buy leather.”

Animal suffering

This is not the first time Hamilton has shared images showing animal suffering with his followers. In December, he wrote about the ‘cost of bacon’, sharing an image of a mother pig discarded in a bin with her piglets. 

“We all have a voice, I have this platform so to not use it correctly would be wrong of me. Nobody is perfect, I certainly am not, but this is actually happening every day to so many animals worldwide,” Hamilton wrote.

“This is why I decided to go to a vegan plant-based diet, [it ‘s] been over a year now. Yes it’s hard, nothing’s ever easy but I’ve felt the best I’ve ever felt for the past year.”

Maria Chiorando

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