Reading Time: 2 minutes The actor often speaks out about the planet (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hollywood star – and self-proclaimed environmentalist – Leonardo DiCaprio has branded vegan meat ‘the future of protein’ in an Instagram post.

The actor, who has 26 million followers on the platform, shared new a new report from vegan startup Beyond Meat which shows how traditional beef production is more intensive than creating meat from plants.

DiCaprio, an investor in the company, has previously said: “Shifting from animal meat to the plant-based meats developed by Beyond Meat is one of the most powerful measures someone can take to reduce their impact on our climate.”

Future of protein

“Beef is one of the most resource intensive foods in our diet,” DiCaprio wrote.

“Beyond Meat is on a mission to take the animal out of the equation. Their plant-based 1/4 lb. Beyond Burger uses 99 percent less water, 93 percent less land, generates 90 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and uses nearly 50 percent less energy than what it takes to produce a single 1/4 lb. U.S. beef burger.

“Proud to be an investor in the #futureofprotein.”

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Blowing up vegan meat

DiCaprio is extremely passionate about Beyond Meat and its potential to disrupt traditional meat production.

Speaking about the actor, Beyond Meat Executive Chairman Seth Goldman told Plant Based News: “We had a wonderful meeting with Leo (DiCaprio). He loved the product. He really loved it…He has an environmental consciousness about his work, and he just loved the ideas].”

Goldman also revealed that DiCaprio introduced the Beyond Burger to several of his friends who also went on to invest in the company.

“That was a real compliment,” said Goldman. He said to a friend, ‘I’m going to blow that thing up’, – meaning he really wants to help us grow, which I really appreciate.”

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