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Celebrity actor and environmentalist Leonardo Dicaprio has reportedly requested a vegan meal for the 2020 Governors Ball following the Oscars ceremony.

The star, who often speaks out about the environmental cost of meat, is said to have asked celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck whether he could have an animal-free meal for the event.

‘He wanted vegan’

“I did the SAG Awards and Leo DiCaprio said, ‘What can you give me, something vegan?’” Puck said in an interview with Hollywood Life.

“He wanted vegan. We made a vegan pizza. He ate it so fast. He said, ‘Oh, can you bring another one?”… We’ll have it on deck on Sunday, for sure.”

’70 percent plant-based’

Many Hollywood ceremonies have ditched meat and served vegan food this year, including the Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice Awards, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

However, The Governor’s Ball menu will be ’70 percent plant-based, and 30 percent vegetarian, fish, and meat’.

But Puck denies this is a ‘trend’, stating: “We always had vegan dishes. We just never told anybody. We didn’t say, ‘Oh, we do vegan dishes’. We always had them.

“I never told anybody we do farm to table… Did I tell anybody? No. I just said it’s normal to get the best ingredients.”

Liam Giliver

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