LEON To Expand Plant-Based Menu To Be More Sustainable


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LEON has expanded its vegan offering in recent times (Photo: LEON) - Media Credit:

LEON has revealed it will continue to expand its plant-based offering – in a bid to be more sustainable.

The high street chain revealed the news in an Instagram post – in which it described eating more plants as ‘being good to the planet’.

‘Good to the planet’

“One of the best ways we can be good to our guts is by eating more plants,” said the post.

“It’s one of the best ways we can be good to the planet too. Which is why we’re committed to continually increasing the amount of plants on our menu.

“Have you tried the Chipotle & Avocado Burger yet? 100 percent plants, it’s made using our vegan burger and topped with freshly smashed guac, sliced tomato, and lettuce, and lots of chipotle mayo.”

Vegan outselling meat

Last month LEON revealed that its vegan burgers are outselling their meaty counterparts. The outlet currently offers two plant-based burgers – its LOVe burger, featuring a meat-free patty along with dairy-free cheese, mayo and salad was the first launch.

That was followed by the new Chipotle & Avocado Burger, topped with chipotle mayo and smashed guacamole. This new option has smashed predicted sales by 57 percent.

‘Vegan sales have taken off’

“Vegan and veggie dishes have always been on LEON’s menus, but we’re now starting to see the market catch up,” Erica Molyneaux, head of food at LEON, said.

“Sales of our vegan burgers have really taken off, with more than half of our sales now in vegan and vegetarian dishes.

“It’s always been important to offer food that tastes and does people good, and that includes our range of plant-based dishes – bold, full of flavor and that everyone can enjoy.”

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