Late Show: Comedian Roy Wood Jr. Says Cheating On Vegan Diet ‘Almost Ruined Relationship’


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The pair discuss veganism (Photo: The Late Show) - Media Credit:

Comedian Roy Wood Jr. has admitted to ‘cheating’ on his vegan diet – and joking revealed how it almost ruined his relationship on The Late Show.

According to the actor, his girlfriend encouraged him to adopt a the healthier plant-based lifestyle.

Talking to host Stephen Colbert he said: “You know those vegans who sneak you food and then don’t tell you what it is?

“You ate like two plates of it then they look across the table [and ask] ‘do you know what that was?’.

“And it was zucchini noodles.”


Colbert asks Wood Jr. whether he cheats.

He says: “Absolutely. When I’m on the road…McDonald’s bro.

“All the other comedians want to go to the strip club, but I’m like ‘no, I need something juicier’.

“I can’t eat that here in New York but when I’m on the road…McDonald’s.”

The pair talk food at the end of the interview


He adds: “I messed up one time – left a receipt in my pocket. Almost ruined my relationship.

“She came in the living room and was holding the receipt up like it was women’s panties or something, saying ‘how could you do this to me?’.

“I was like…’it was the McRib! I had a weak moment, I’m sorry. I thought I was over McRib but I’m not.”

Good luck

Colbert wishes Wood Jr. good luck with veganism, adding: “It’s not easy, I’ve done it since last year.”

Wood Jr. says: “Oh no, I’m only vegan around her.”

Colbert concludes: “Well good luck lying then.”

“I think it’s out now,” says Wood Jr.

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