Reading Time: 2 minutes Campaigners say animals like cats should be loved - and not eaten
Reading Time: 2 minutes

As controversy continues to rage over the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, is something similar happening in Switzerland?

An upmarket restaurant called La Table Suisse opens seasonally, in order to serve a five course tasting menu. Two of these courses are said to be based around cat meat.

La Table Suisse Head Chef Monty Brummer claims: “In Switzerland it’s legal to eat cats and dogs as long as they are yours. And because of our adoption system, we are the first restaurant in Europe to be able to serve this traditional meat.”

‘Beloved pets’

Many members of the public are outraged at the idea of eating animals traditionally seen in western society as ‘furry friends’ or companion animals. 

A petition on, that has garnered over 2,000 signatures, says: “The consumption of cat and dog meat is not part of the Swiss culture and is outlawed in many European countries. This restaurant promotes the traffic of pets among citizens and what can become now a new revolution on the black market. 

“Where are the animals coming from? Who is providing them to the restaurant and how do we know they are not stolen pets from families that have raised and loved them? 

“Is this restaurant going to have a breeder that provides him daily with tons of fresh meat from cats and dogs when we can’t even accept in other countries when baby chicks are raised by the thousands to be sold as food? 

“This is not a petition to change everyone to a vegetarian but to outlaw a ‘tradition’ they claim to be spreading that has NEVER been part of our culture and is well outdated in our modern society. 

“Please sign this if you want to stop this barbarity and keep our beloved fury friends as pets and not a meal.”


The restaurant’s head chef says: “I’ve often wondered why so many people are against eating cats and dogs.

“I respect vegetarians that don’t eat any animals. But if people eat chickens and pigs, it just doesn’t make sense not to eat other animals.

“I’m very proud to say that all of my guests appreciate my work, and for me, this is really rewarding. I never really thought about becoming successful. I just wanted to do what I love most – and that is cooking.”

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