Reading Time: < 1 minute The TV star mocked vegans in her post (Photo: Instagram)
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Reality TV star Kristina Cavallari mocked vegans in a recent Instagram post, where she is holding a goat on her farm.

The image shows the goat struggling to get out of her arms. She captioned it: “The vegans will say she’s trying to get away because of my chicken comment.” She ended her comment with a laughter emoji.

The post followed a post from May, showing her holding a chicken, which she captioned ‘pet today, dinner tomorrow’.


Cavallari – whose new show, Very Cavallari, premiered last night – received a barrage of criticism for the post, with one writer saying: “I’m a fan but this post is in very bad taste. I found it cold and cruel.”

Writing on the goat image, another added: “I can’t believe how ignorant someone can be in 2018. I thought she’d changed some since The Hills but she’s still totally vapid and rude…Sorry, some people care about other living things not dying for your enjoyment. I’m unfollowing!”

Another Instagram user wrote: “Wow, I totally looked up to you growing up and as a vegan this hurts.”


But some supported Cavallari’s chicken post, with one user writing: “Too bad all these vegans would have never survived years ago when the world was run by eating animals. Natural selection needs to come back real fast. Eat your chicken b*tches.”

Writing on the goat post, one avid fan commented: “Lord people get so upset over everything theses days! The world needs more laughter and if someone doesn’t like what you said then they just need to get off your page! Keep being you Kristin [sic].”

Another wrote: “You do you girl. Vegans need a life.”

Maria Chiorando

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