Kim Kardashian Praised For Recreating Faux-Fur Versions Of Her Favorite Coats

Kim Kardashian Praised For Recreating Faux-Fur Versions Of Her Favorite Coats


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'Fur free styles are the future' (Photo: Instagram) - Media Credit:
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Reality TV star and businesswoman, Kim Kardashian, has been praised for recreating faux-fur versions of her favorite coats.

The celeb, who earlier this year revealed she was only eating plant-based food when she’s at home, uploaded a picture of her five-year-old daughter North donned in a white fur coat.

“Remember when I wore this! She picked out the same look lol but fun fact- I took all of my fave furs and remade them in faux fur,” Kim captioned the post.


The post, which attracted 2.6 million likes and more than 8,000 comments, attracted the attention of animal-rights organization PETA who said: “LOVE it. Thank you for making compassionate changes that save animals and showing the world that #FurFree styles are the future!”

While vegan celebrity Lucy Watson also praised Kim, writing: “Yes!! Faux fur always!”

‘You already purchased their dead bodies’

The post did, however, attract criticism, with some followers asking the question ‘What’s the points when the animal is still dead?’.

Instagram user Kaelzap argued: “You expect us to be like ‘aw yay, Kim K loves animals’? You already purchased their dead bodies when you bought their fur. They won’t come back to life just coz you’ve developed a conscience!”

Faux Fur

Kim referred to faux-fur as her ‘new thing‘ back in August last year, after she shared images of a vegan coat gifted by fashion house Givenchy.

A note from Givenchy’s Communications Director Youssef Marquis accompanied the gift. It said: “My sweet Kim. A little treat for the summer… or the winter. Love ya! PS: It’s all FAKE!”

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