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Vegan Kelly Osbourne will be hosting Mercy For Animals‘ annual Hidden Heroes Gala in Los Angeles this September 15.

According to MFA, the event honors investigators who go undercover inside the nation’s largest factory farms and slaughterhouses to expose animal abuse.

Osbourne, who says a plant-based diet is the secret behind her weight loss transformation, is just one of the famous faces involved with the event: the gala event host committee includes Alec Baldwin, Colin Kaepernick, Kristen Bell, Thandie Newton, among other compassionate celebrities, musicians, and athletes.

‘Shining a light on a dark world’

Speaking about the impact of MFA’s work, a spokesperson told Plant Based News: “Mercy For Animals has conducted more than 60 undercover investigations, which have shed a bright light on the dark world of factory farming, resulting in [a number of positive outcomes].

These include some of the world’s largest food companies, including Nestle and Perdue, to ban the cruelest farming practices from their supply chain, as well as dozens of unprecedented animal cruelty convictions of farm managers, owners, and workers.

“[In addition, investigations have resulted in] widespread coverage in mainstream media, including The New York Times, ABC’s Nightly News, and The Washington Post.”

The organization helps numerous animals


Nik Tyler, Mercy For Animal’s Celebrity Relations Manager, told Plant Based News: “We’re honored to have Kelly Osbourne host our upcoming Hidden Heroes Gala on September 15.

“As a vegan, and a passionate advocate for social justice and humanitarian causes, Kelly is a shining example of someone who is using their voice to raise awareness and inspire compassion for all beings.

“We are ecstatic to have her involved with Mercy For Animals this year and we look forward to sharing a very inspirational evening together.”

You canfind out more about the event here

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