Keira Knightley Narrates Animated Film On Climate Crisis

Keira Knightley Narrates Animated Film On Climate Crisis


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'This animation explains the climate change aspect in a no-nonsense way' (Photo edited by PBN) - Media Credit:
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British actor Keira Knightley has narrated a short animated film on the climate crisis.

Written, directed and animated by Miritte Ben Yitzchak – Climate Crisis, and Why We Should Panicexplains what’s causing climate change, why governments must enter crisis mode to tackle this issue, and what will happen if we don’t do something about it now’.

It is part of is the second of a two-part explainer video series for environmental organization Extinction Rebellion – following on from Extinction Emergency, and Why We Must Act Now.

‘A catastrophic future’

In the film, the celeb states: “These are remarkable times. We’re living through a crucial moment in the history of our planet, yet we seem to charge ahead towards a catastrophic future.”

She also highlights how human activity generates ‘an excess’ of carbon emissions – which results in ‘higher temperatures which melt ice sheets and glaciers’.

“Right now, the planet is already one-degree Celcius warmer than it was 120 years ago,” Knightley added – warning that we need to ‘act now’ to prevent Earth’s temperature from rising further.

‘Most urgent issue of our time’

According to the Independent, Knightley said: “Lending my voice to the most urgent issue of our time felt like the right way for me to take a stand in the hope that we can leave a world worth living in for our children.

“Climate change and the ecological crisis are two sides of the same problem. This animation explains the climate change aspect in a no-nonsense way – though the message is horrifying to hear.”

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