Reading Time: 3 minutes Animal lover Kate Nash has revealed why she went vegan (Photo: Instagram/Kate Nash)
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Kate Nash has revealed that she went vegan after watching the movie Okja.

The Netflix film, which has an animal rights perspective, tells the story of ‘superpig’ Okja, who has been genetically modified to feed as many people as possible. It was directed by Bong Joon-ho and stars Ahn Seo-hyun and Tilda Swinton.

After Okja‘s release in 2017, vegan charity PETA credited the film with inspiring people to try a plant-based diet, saying that Google searches for the word ‘vegan’ had surged and that requests for its Vegan Starter Packs doubled in the month of its release.

Going vegan

Nash – famous for her recording career and performance in Netflix hit show Glow – was among those inspired to question factory farming after watching the film, which tells the story of Okja, who grows up with young girl Mila. When the super-corporation who ‘owns’ Okja try to take the animal to slaughter, a dramatic battle ensues.

Writing on Instagram about how the film inspired her, Nash said: “I decided to go vegan after watching Okja with my dog. At the end of the film, there is a scene where all the pigs are being kept in factory farm conditions. They are all shot in the head by a machine for food.

“I realized how much I hate the current state of the farming industry, the mass production of meat, and the impact it has on our Earth and how we treat animals. I decided then and there I could no longer participate in supporting that in any way.”

‘I encourage you to try it’

In a caption alongside the post, Nash encouraged her followers to also give a plant-based diet a go, saying ‘there are so many delicious options for tasty vegan food out there. I really encourage you to try it and see if you like it’.

She added: “I was honestly so scared to even go vegetarian 11 years ago, I never dreamed I would be vegan. I used to think that was crazy. It’s been a journey to get here. But now I am so happy with my choice, I find it very fulfilling as it is a kind way to live and as a foodie, I am extremely satisfied at the dinner table.

“Hard to believe I once had meat cravings. I encourage you to experiment with veganism and think about the ways it could benefit your life! It does take some getting used to at first, some effort, but that’s a good thing, it has built a better relationship for me with my mind and body, plus it’s easier than you think. I personally want animals to be totally free but it’s not about perfection, we have to start somewhere and we can all do our bit to help the planet right now.”

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