Kat Von D Accused Of ‘No Longer Being Vegan’ – Because Of Pregnancy


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Pregnant star Kat Von D has promised that she will be promoting a vegan pregnancy – and raising her child as an animal rights activist after some social media users accused her of ‘no longer being vegan‘ because she’s having a baby.

The celebrity tattoo artist and make-up entrepreneur revealed her baby news earlier this week on Instagram.

Von D – along with husband Leafar Seyer – let fans know their baby was a boy, and suggesting he will be called Leafar.

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Not vegan?

While many of their fans offered well wishes and congratulations, some criticized the pair, saying they are ‘no longer vegan’.

One user asked why she hadn’t given a loving home to a child in need instead of adopting, accusing the star of ‘damaging the environment by unnecessarily creating a new life’.

Another wrote: “Congrats on undoing your veganism almost tenfold. Having one child increases your carbon footprint by eight, along with increasing animal suffering.”

Promoting veganism

Kat Von D replied: “I haven’t ‘undone my veganism’ in any way. If anything I am excited about promoting a vegan pregnancy and raising an animal-rights activist.

“I don’t think you realize when you talk to people like that, you actually can do more harm in changing peoples minds towards veganism than you do in actually helping. And yes, you are entitled to your opinion.

“You are also more than welcome to unfollow me, too. But how about keeping your negativity off the comments of my personal Instagram account.”

Vegan children

But fans waded in quickly to defend the star – and disagree with claims that having children is non-vegan. Some offered tips on how to rear children in a more eco-friendly way.

One said: “From a vegan activist that doesn’t have children, I couldn’t be happier to know there will be one more vegan child in the world! Congratulations.”

Another added: “Anti-natalists give vegans a bad name. I’m so happy for you and your vegan family. I love my vegan child and would never reverse my decision to have a baby.”

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