Reading Time: < 1 minute The star has been vegan for two months now (Photo: Instagram / Jonny Pierce)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Celebrity musician and producer Johnny Pierce, known for being the frontman of The Drums, says ‘vegan life feels so good’ after adopting the lifestyle several months ago. 

The Lets Go Surfing star posted a picture of a plant-based meal featuring meat-free sausages and vegetables to his 53.4 thousand Instagram followers. 

‘More energy than ever’  

“Vegan life feels so good! I’m two months in and was so worried I’d feel like trash, but I have more energy than ever and feel more clear in my mind – honestly, the list of benefits goes on and on!” Pierce captioned the post.

“Also [it’s] good for the environment so it feels good to have my food intake align with my values.” 

‘It’s time to act now’

This isn’t the first time Pierce has raised awareness of veganism on social media. A month ago he shared an article from the New York Times about how Southern Vietnam and Mumbai are at risk of being ‘wiped out’ due to high tides. 

“I’ve been vegan for only a month now so I can’t be too preachy here, but I’d like to encourage you to see what you can do to help avoid worsening climate change,” he wrote. 

“Slow travel, using less, wearing condoms, go minimal, be willing to sacrifice. 

“Global warming is destined to cause mass death, and if you think it won’t reach your doorstep, millions and millions of people will be displaced causing mass migrations, and ultimately war and more casualties over territory. It’s time to act now. Consume less.”

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Liam Giliver

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