Jonathan Pie: 'The Government Is Hardwired To Protect Animal Farming Corporations'

Jonathan Pie: ‘The Government Is Hardwired To Protect Animal Farming Corporations’


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'The government is doing nothing' (Photo: Twitter) - Media Credit:
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Political comedian, Jonathan Pie, has said the government is ‘hardwired to protect animal farming corporations, oil companies, and anyone with more than a million pounds in the bank’ – in his latest video.

Well known for his satirical sketches as an angry news reporter, Pie’s latest performance critiques the media’s coverage of the Extinction Rebellion – an organization currently protesting against climate change in London.

Curbing consumerism

“Here’s the news today – a bunch of crusties stinking of petunia oil are upset because the planet is dying. But worse than that, the protest has mildly disrupted shoppers trying to get to H&M to buy an item of fast-fashion clothing that will end up in landfill in about a week,” Pie said.

“The government is doing nothing because the government is hardwired to protect animal farming corporations, oil companies, and anyone with more than a million pounds in the bank before it protects its citizens and its environment.

“So when it comes to global warming, the media isn’t going to deny it, we’re merely going to present in abstract terms saying things like a ‘temperature rise of up to two degrees Celsius by 2025’ because that sounds almost pleasant and isn’t going to cause a panic – which might make people curb their consumerism and demand that their leaders take action.”

‘When is this action going to be taken?’

The video, which has over 175,000 views on YouTube, also blasts Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Michael Gove, who announced the government had ‘got the message’ of the protest and ‘understands that action needs to be taken’.

“When? I was being taught about greenhouse gasses and destruction of the rainforest when I was at school 25 years ago. What have you done in the preceding 25 years? Exactly when is this action going to be taken?” Pie questions.

The comedian goes on to criticize oil-conglomerates who donated to the repair of Notre Damn, but were ‘not so quick when it comes to saving natural like the Great Barrier Reef’.

Pie added: “Not pumping very much dirty oil money into that particular conservation project are you? No, you’re just pumping actual oil.

“You can rebuild a cathedral in five years, you don’t get a chance to rebuild this one.”

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