Ex-Vegan Jon Venus Apologizes For ‘Cringy’ Behavior As He Returns To Plant-Based Diet

Jon Venus revealed he'd ditched his vegan lifestyle earlier this year - but now apologizes to fans and says he has returned to it


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Bodybuilder Jon Venus Bodybuilder Jon Venus has returned to a plant-based diet and apologized for his 'cringy' behavior - Media Credit: Instagram/Jon Venus

Bodybuilder Jon Venus has apologized for his ‘cringy’ behavior over the last year, during which he ditched veganism.

Venus revealed in a video this Summer that he had transitioned back to an omnivore diet. This follows an admission he made last year that he had eaten eggs before going back to being plant-based.

But now he says that decision was borne of fear, and that he was afraid he would be unable to reach his infant son’s nutritional needs on a plant-based diet. Now though, the ‘cycle of fear’ is over – and Jon Venus and his family are plant-based once more.

Jon Venus says he is ‘sorry’

In his new video, titled I’m sorry, Venus said he wanted to share some things from the heart that he ‘really needed to get out’. First, he said, he wanted to apologize and ‘sincerely say’ that he is sorry.

“The way that I’ve behaved on YouTube and the things that I’ve said and things that I’ve shown have been really insensitive and I really don’t feel good about it.”

He said there are no excuses for ‘being insensitive’ and that he takes ‘full responsibility for making videos without having his core audience in mind, and how what he did created negativity and hatred. 


Venus went on to explain that he’d made these videos while in a ‘weird state of mind’, not knowing what was best to do for his family or child, and in reflection, he doesn’t ‘like to use the word cringy’ his behavior was cringy.

He said the choices he made in consuming animal products were made out of fear that he was ‘not producing enough bioavailable nutrients’ for his young son – though he admits there were no signs to suggest this was the case. 

‘I can’t live that way’

Now Jon Venus says he believes the time is right to make this video because he has come through the ‘fear cycle’ which made him question plant-based nutrition. 

“I can’t live the way I thought I was going to live at all,” he says. “I can’t do it. And I understand people who come with criticism or the idea that a vegan cannot start eating meat again because if they are ethically vegan then it’s hard to imagine that. 

“I never personally imagined that I would go back to eating animal products myself. Things happen and your mind is definitely not as strong as you believe it to be, trust me.”

‘Without contributing to the worst forms of cruelty’

According to the bodybuilder, he went vegan after watching animal rights documentary Earthlings, and he says since then, has tried to spread a message of compassion when it comes to animals.

He said that while eating animal products he avoided buying meat from stores, and tried to source them ‘without contributing to the worst forms of cruelty’ but ultimately returned to a plant-based diet around six weeks ago, which he says he is following for ethical reasons, saying that his health is also improving.

” I really appreciate all you guys who have stuck through the journey and the ups and downs, and the bumpy ride. And I also understand the people who have left and have had enough of this crazy guy right here. So no bad feelings no negative feelings towards anyone,” he concluded.

*This article was updated on October 20. It initially stated that Venus consumed fish and eggs last year. This has been updated to reflect that the only animal products he consumed were eggs.

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