Reading Time: 2 minutes Rogan discusses veganism during his stand-up comedy act (Image: YouTube)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Joe Rogan targets vegans in a recently released Netflix comedy special.

In Joe Rogan: Strange Times – which debuted October 2 – the podcast host touches on a number of hot-button issues including US politics, rape culture, and the animal rights movement.

He devotes a portion of his stand-up act to vegans, or what he describes as ‘a ruthless, vicious group of kind, compassionate people’.

‘F***ed up’ health

Among Rogan’s anti-vegan arguments is the idea that even those who are vegan for ‘all the right reasons’ are hurting their health with a plant-based diet.

He says: “Most vegans are vegans ’cause they’re kind people. They don’t want anything to die so they can live.

“Those people are heroes, ’cause they’re always tired, they’re cranky, their health’s all f***ed up.”

The trailer for Strange Times


He also comments on vegans who he says ‘are really only vegans because scientology didn’t find them first’.

He adds: “Everybody knows certain vegans that would have joined the Taliban if they took the wrong flight, all right?

“They’re f***ing dipsh*ts.”

Vegans with cats

Rogan also touches on a point of controversy within the animal rights movement – vegans who have cats, obligate carnivores, as companion animals.

He says: “We all have friends that are vegans that also have cats. You go over to their house and you’re like, ‘So why are you vegan, again?’

“‘Well, I just don’t think it’s our right to decide that an animal should live or die.’ And they open up a fat can of murder and give it to that little f***ing psychopath they live with.”

Later, he adds: “If you’re a vegan with a pet cat, that’s like being a doctor with a pet vampire. Pick a team, f*** face. What are you doing?”

Rogan and veganism

This is not the first time Rogan has discussed veganism in a public forum.

In fact, he has hosted both plant-based doctor Joel Kahn and vegan Ironman athlete John Joseph on recent episodes of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

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