Reading Time: 2 minutes The star made the announcement on social media (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Photographer and filmmaker Jack Harries has told his 1.7 million Instagram followers that he is vegan – and has been for two and a half years.

The star shared his social media post earlier today.

In it, he wrote: “Hey friends, it’s a new year which means a new you.

“I’d like to share something with you that I’m personally very passionate about. To keep a long story short, two and a half years ago I stopped eating meat and adopted a plant-based diet. 

“At first it took some getting used to and along the way I’ve had moments of doubt and deviation.”


Harries said he often avoided talking about veganism because he was ‘aware of the stereotypical reputation of the self-righteous and dogmatic vegan’. 

He added: “I never wanted to be ‘that guy’. But today, right at this moment I feel physically fitter, significantly healthier and undoubtedly happier than I ever have before. 

“It is single handedly the best decision I’ve ever made and I know with certainty that I will never go back. 

“It has deepened my understanding of food and improved my relationship with what I eat too.”

Harries promoted PBN’s documentary


The star also said that adopting a plant-based diet is ‘possibly the single most effective thing you can do to help the environment and also to support animal rights’.

Describing the lifestyle as a ‘no-brainer’, he said: “The plant based movement is an exciting one full of inspiring and ambitious people and it’s growing dramatically every year.” 


Earlier this year, Harries hinted that he was plant-based when he shared PBN’s film Vegan 2017 on Twitter.

He wrote: “Vegan 2017. Still weighing it up? 

“Check out this short doc by the guys at Plant Based News.”

Plant Based News’ interview with Jack Harries can be viewed below.

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