Reading Time: < 1 minute Jack Black has praised veganism more than once (Photo: Eva Rinaldi)
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Jack Black says veganism is the best diet for the planet – and that a host of animal-free foods are ‘straight up delish’.

The actor and comedian made the comments during an interview with the Associated Press last month.

‘Straight-up delish’

“It’s said that it’s the best for the environment if you have a vegan lifestyle and vegan diet, mainly because of cow farts. It’s the methane. It’s bad for the ozone, and the rest,” he told the interviewer.

“But also, it just tastes good. Lately, they’ve been getting the technology right. The Impossible Burg[er]* bro. Delish. I don’t even know if it’s good for you, it’s just straight-up delish.”

Is Jack Black vegan?

It is not known whether Black is actually vegan now, though he revealed in an interview around the same time as this one (December 2019), that he was not.

He made the comments during a WIRED Autocomplete Interview, where celebrities answer the internet’s most searched questions about themselves. One asked whether he was vegan.

He answered: “No, but I would like to be. I am in spirit, and really, it’s time for everyone to consider that lifestyle for the environment. I found out it turns out vegans are better for the environment. Why? Cow farts.”

He added that everyone should consider going vegan because of the environmental benefits.

*Impossible Foods states that its burger is plant-based rather than vegan, as a key ingredient – heme – was tested on rats in order to obtain FDA approval.

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