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Jack Black has pledged to ditch red meat in a bid to ‘help limit catastrophic climate change’ as well as support his own mental health.

The actor and comedian revealed the news on social media.

His pledge is part of environmental initiative My Eco Resolution, founded by Cara Delevingne and Advaya, which encourages people to take action on the climate crisis.

Eco resolution

Black shared a video on Twitter, in which he said: “Hey what’s up? It’s me, Jack Black. My eco resolution is to stop eating red meat.

“I’ma still eat a cheeseburger, but it’s going to be one of those new scientifically delicious veggie burgers. You know, the Impossible, the Beyond, etc.

“I’m doing this to help limit catastrophic climate change and to support my mental health, and I think you should too. Much love, JB, over and out.”

In the caption for the video, he asked: “What pledge will you take for our planet?”

Jack Black and veganism

While Black isn’t vegan, he has spoken out about how a vegan lifestyle is better for the planet.

Speaking in a WIRED Autocomplete Interview, where celebrities answer the internet’s most searched questions about themselves last year, he said everyone should consider going vegan.

One of the most commonly asked questions about Black online is whether or not he is vegan. He answered: “No, but I would like to be. I am in spirit, and really, it’s time for everyone to consider that lifestyle for the environment. I found out it turns out vegans are better for the environment. Why? Cow farts.”