Reading Time: < 1 minute Trinity College is one of Ireland’s largest universities (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
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Trinity College in Dublin, one of Ireland’s largest universities, has introduced a plant-based menu at its brand new restaurant ‘The Forum’.

The launch of the menu was promoted by a visit from ‘The Finer Diner’, an initiative set up by global services company Sodexo, who supply the universities food services and the WWF. 

This was the last stop on a tour for the pop-up diner, who made several stops across universities in the UK, including UCL and Solent University.

Environmental impact

The ingredients used in the plant-based offerings have been inspired by the WWF’s partnership with food giant Knorr. 

Together they have come up with the ‘Future 50 Foods’ report, which promotes the most nutritional plant-based foods with the lowest environmental impact. 

Plant-based curry, tacos and kebabs were given out as samples on sustainable bamboo trays as students mingled with members of the WWF team who were there to educate and answer questions. A stand was decorated with facts and information to engage those walking by.

Carbon footprint

Trinity College is trying to reduce its carbon footprint and the introduction of plant-based foods in its eateries can be looked at as the first step of many to achieve this. 

More and more universities across the globe are turning to plant-based options as a way to lower their impact on the environment and this is a positive step.

‘United and unstoppable’

Jamie Rohu, a member of the College’s Green Campus Committee, told Plant Based News: “The Finer Diner pop-up is promoting modern, healthy, sustainable foods.”

On the wall behind him was a freshly painted quote by well-known climate activist Greta Thunberg, saying: “We showed that we are united and that we, young people, are unstoppable.”

Amy Rohu

Amy is from Dublin in Ireland and is currently working with PBN. She has a certificate in Print Journalism and an Honours degree in Communications and is a very passionate vegan. Amy's favourite thing to do is to go out and hunt down new vegan finds in supermarkets and health stores and her favourite treat is VEGO chocolate!