Increasingly Desperate Meat Industry Blasts Vegan Advocates As ‘Extremists’


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An annual report of vegan tactics is compiled to help the meat industry combat advocacy - Media Credit:

A blog post on the ‘Pork Network’ website has highlighted what it describes as some of the ‘most extreme and alarming statements from the 2017 National Animal Rights Conference’.

The piece – which states it is expressly the views of its author, and not the publication as a whole – is part of a report produced annually by the industry to inform the wider industry about advocacy strategy.


According to writer Hannah Thompson-Weeman: “Each year, the Alliance produces a report from this conference with the goal of informing the industry about the strategies and tactics being used by activist groups to harm the reputation and future of animal agriculture. 

“It is critically important to understand the beliefs and work of these groups in order for us not only to respond to their actions, but to be proactive in communicating about our industry and defending against potential threats.”

Rights not welfare

According to the piece, animal rights – rather than welfare – is the end goal.

The article highlights some prominent vegans’ quotes, highlighting their quotes as ‘particularly alarming’.

Among them is Australian activist James Aspey, saying: “I think we all know some causes are more precious than life. Animal rights and veganism is one of those.”

Krista Hiddema, Mercy for Animals (Canada), also makes the list: “We are winning against the largest organizations in the world… they are terrified of us.”

The Humane League’s Jon Camp is also quoted: “They [food companies] don’t make policies due to altruism, they do it because of the pressure.”


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