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A new video by vegan charity PETA tackles what would happen if parents told their children the truth about dairy.

The short piece, by the French arm of the animal rights organization, highlights the secretive nature of the dairy industry.

It features a young girl asking her father how milk is made – and his explanation describing artificial insemination, the removal of a cow’s calf, and the animals’ eventual deaths at the slaughterhouse after years of exploitation.

The girl is horrified to learn the truth about dairy

How is milk made?

After the little girl asks her father how milk is made, he replies: “So, it comes from a cow who was raped, to make a baby calf, so she can produce milk or, more specifically bovine mammary secretions.

“But, sweetie, you can bet this milk isn’t for the calf. No, it’s for us. Well, ok, it’s really for him, but we decided that it would be for us. So the calf goes to the slaughterhouse! And that’s how grandma makes her veal stew.

“But the cow loves her calf, and she keeps looking for him everywhere, crying and asking ‘where is he? He’s not here? Did he have to go meat someone? No, he’s dead!”

He then describes how industrial milking often causes the cows to get infections, (which leads to milk containing pus), and how the cycle is repeated until the animal is killed. The video suggests it would be easier to raise a child vegan than expose them to the horrors of animal ag.

You canwatch the full video (with English subtitles) here

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