Horror Queen Mylo Carbia: 'Going Vegan Saved My Life'

Horror Queen Mylo Carbia: ‘Going Vegan Saved My Life’


(updated 1st October 2020)

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Mylo Carbia describes veganism as 'life changing' (Photo: Twitter) - Media Credit:
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An award-winning author and television star has revealed how veganism ‘saved her life’.

Paranormal reality TV show host, Mylo Carbia, author of No. 1 bestseller The Raping Of Ava Desantis, describes her body as being ‘in turmoil’ last year, when she mysteriously packed on 80 lbs.

The star, who won the 2016 Silver Falchion Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fiction, says: “I was eating well and working out six times a week, yet the weight just kept piling on. 

“I could tell something was medically wrong, and that my husband was horrified… I could literally see it in his eyes.”


After undergoing a series of medical tests, Carbia was told that her adrenal (stress) glands were exhausted, which in turn was throwing her thyroid out of whack, and causing her to gain huge amounts of weight. 

She put the stress down to her work battling paranormal entities – which has included 13 years of living in a haunted house.

She says: “I knew I had to make a radical change to regain my size 4 figure, but my old tricks to slim down were no longer working.”


In October 2016, life was to change even further, when without warning Cabria’s husband left.

She says: “He kissed me on the cheek on his way out for a haircut and never came back. I was fired as a trophy wife — repealed and replaced faster than ObamaCare.”

In complete turmoil, the writer and TV host started researching how to best deal with her health issues. 

During the course of her research, she discovered vegan documentary Earthlings.

“I distinctly remember I was roasting chicken in the oven as I watched that movie,” she said. 

“A half hour into it, I shut off the oven and never touched a single piece of animal flesh again.”


Carbia reached out to a number of vegan friends to find out how she could change her lifestyle.

She says: “I was completely disturbed by the fact that over my lifetime, roughly 49,000 animals were murdered as food to keep one animal — me — alive. 

“Only then did I realize how out of balance my existence truly was.”

This led to Cabria hiring Raw Vegan YouTube personality TannyRaw (Tanya Murphy) to help her achieve her goals. “Tanny worked every single day with me for two months,” she says.

“She is a living, breathing angel. Her guidance through the toxic food withdrawal process and ability to teach the principles of a plant-based lifestyle are amazing. 

I often tell her, she singlehandedly saved my life.”


After adopting a raw diet, Carbia says her health improved immediately, with her adrenal glands and thyroid beginning to heal. 

She claimes her energy levels returned, her skin became more youthful, her weight started dropping, and most importantly, her hope for the future returned. 

“Words cannot express how it feels to live on fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables. I feel like a fully reborn person now. The mental, physical and emotional changes have to be experienced first-hand to even be believed.”

Small steps

Now Carbia, who has been counted as a ‘vegan success story’ by animal right charity PETA, says she likes to spread the plant-based message, though she acknowledges she has some way to go on her own vegan journey.

She says: “I am strictly vegan at home, sometimes vegetarian in restaurants, but for now, I am less concerned with labels and more concerned with making incremental lifestyle changes, like supporting Kat Von D’s upcoming Vegan shoe line, and spreading the message about the benefits of a meat-free, plant-based diet.

“The greatest thing that came out of this nightmare was unexpectedly becoming single and finding the real love of my life.

“Situations like this show the true meaning of unconditional love. And when the weak ones bail, the real heroes emerge.”


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