‘Horrific’ Undercover Footage From Sydney Abattoir Shows Workers Twisting Cows’ Tails


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'Stop hiding behind these smokescreens' (Photo: Aussie Farms) - Media Credit:

‘Horrific’ undercover footage from an abattoir in Sydney appears to show workers twisting cows’ tails as they’re moved into a knock box – as Australia cracks down on whistleblowers

The footage, released by animal-rights organizations Aussie Farms and Animals Within, also shows a pig ‘being shot at least eight times while screaming in pain’. 

‘Damning footage’ 

According to the Daily Mail, Executive Director of Aussie Farms, Chris Delforce, said: “This is some of the most damning Australian footage I’ve ever seen, and yet, it’s completely legal.

“There are very minimal laws in place to protect animals in facilities like these, which is the complete opposite to what most consumers are led to believe.

“While there’s a general offense for animal cruelty in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act NSW, farms and slaughterhouses are exempt from this if they follow basic codes of practice which effectively legalize cruelty that regular citizens wouldn’t be able to get away with.”

Criminalizing whistleblowers 

South Australia and the Federal Government is currently pushing to criminalize activists entering farms or slaughterhouses. 

7News states the activity of ‘aggravated farm trespass’ could now carry a maximum $10,000 fine or a 12-month jail sentence.

“It’s almost beyond comprehension that the act of jumping a fence to merely film animal abuse is somehow considered worse than committing it,” Delforce adds.

“If (they) want to bring in ag-gag laws on behalf of the industry to stifle exposure of animal agriculture facilities, they’re going to have to start being honest about it.

“Stop hiding behind these smokescreens, otherwise, activists will continue to find ways to show the public the reality of what they’re being told is ‘humane’ and ‘ethical’.”

You can watch the undercover footage here 

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