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A new advert for vegan cheese company New Roots challenges the norms of food production.

A source who worked on the commercial told Plant Based News that New Roots is ‘creating a splash’ in Switzerland – as vegan cheese is such a departure from the country’s well-known traditional cheese making process.

The source described the ad, which is called Inventing the Traditions of the Future as ‘phenomenally filmed, funny, and really unique’.

Vegan advert

The advert, which appears to be set in the Swiss Alps, shows a mountain range complete with Swiss flag, a traditional chalet, and the sound of cow bells ringing.

A farmer strides into view, then whistles, and calls: “Cashew! Cashew!” Giant cashew nuts with cowbells around their necks run down the mountainside.

“Switzerland is the home of cheese,” says a voiceover. “We do it from cashew nuts. Inventing the traditions of the future.”

You can watch the ad on Facebook here