Reading Time: < 1 minute Lynch has requested followers to fill out a survey regarding the upcoming launch (Photo: Instagram)
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Vegan actor
Evanna Lynch – who rose to fame in her role in Harry Potter as Luna Lovegood – has announced plans to debut a monthly beauty subscription box later this year.

Beauty box

Lynch made
the announcement in her Instagram story, in a video post with a caption that read: “Launching
a cruelty-free beauty box later in the year and would love your input!!”

The post
also included a link to a survey regarding the impending release.

about animals’

As reported
by Allure,
 the star also explained her motives to followers.

She said: “Basically,
as most of you know by now, I am very passionate about animals and I also love
makeup, and I do not believe that the two should intersect.

“I don’t
think that you should need to use animals for makeup. However, that is the way
the industry is at the moment so that is something we’re trying to change.”


This is by
no means the first time Lynch has publicly advocated for veganism, and a more
compassionate world.

She’s also
the founder of a podcast called The Chickpeeps, which delves into issues related
to animal rights, and recently sat down with PBN to discuss her vegan

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