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Food tech start-up Hampton Creek is in talks with 10 major meat firms across South America, Europe, and South East Asia as part of a plan to license its cultured meat technology.

According to Josh Tetrick – CEO of the Silicon Valley company – he wants to bring industrialized production efficiency to lab-grown meat.

Hampton Creek would grant commercial product licenses to the meat producers, who would then pay royalties.

Mass market

Tetrick’s reasoning is that production of cultured meat has to happen on a wide scale to make it financially viable enough to have a meaningful impact.

He said: “Ultimately, anything we do in this space is irrelevant if we cannot make is as, if not more, affordable than the core categories of conventional meat today – it’s a waste of our time.

“I’m not a big believer that conscious consumerism is going to initiate a fundamental transformation.

“I think what creates a transformation in how folks eat is if you create products that taste better, are more affordable and connect with people.”


While Tetrick has not yet revealed the identities of the companies he’s in negotiation with, he has implied they are household names.

The cooperation he believes, is essential, saying this move ‘cannot be successful without the meat industry’.

Further details will be released over the next 12 months – which will coincide with the company’s planned launch of its cultured meat into retail outlets.


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