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Masterchef presenter and TV personality, Gregg Wallace, was impressed by how realistic mock meat tasted on the latest episode of ‘Supermarket Secrets’.

The first episode of the third series, which aired on BBC One last night, features the vegan chef, Director of Plant-Based Innovation for Tesco, and Founder of the Wicked Kitchen brand, Derek Sarno.

The program follows the story of a Wicked Kitchen dish from the mushroom farm of the supplier, through to the test Kitchen in Tesco’s Heart building. Sarno meets Wallace to talk him through the dish, the inspiration, and the chef craft behind it.

‘I can’t believe it’

After trying a vegan steak made from mushrooms, Wallace said: “That taste like meat. That tastes like crispy, well-seasoned fat with meat underneath. That tastes like a piece of meat. I’m telling myself, I can’t believe it.

“I have a certain reputation to hold, but I love that.”

‘Bringing plants center stage’

Sarno, who compresses oyster mushrooms to create a steak-like texture, tells Wallace he can’t find ‘anything that’s all natural that reminds [him] of meat more than mushrooms’.

Last year, when filming the episode, Sarno wrote on Instagram: “Wow! What a day for bringing plants center stage. Spent all day shooting a special project with Gregg Wallace and the BBC that will air later this year. Sharing with him some of the secret processes and what’s coming up with @Wickedhealthy and #WickedKitchen and all I can say is thank you to you! Mainstream TV – buckle up cause the Wicked [is] coming and we’re bringing it main stage!”

You can watch the episode here

Liam Giliver

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